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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Doing it Zombie Style

So my last post I talked about the play we are writing this summer.  Today we worked on our masks.  These are two pictures of my mask.  One is the pattern that I modeled my mask off of.  I found this 'pattern' on google images and I hope it isn't copyrighted.  I don't have any intent to steal or plagiarize anyone else's hard work.  Let me know what you think.  We will have our play in one week.  So excited.  We are inviting parents and a few other close people for our very short but intense play.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer School

So this summer I am teaching middle school.  The students I have now will eventually come to me in the high school, just not in this coming year.  I have really enjoyed this.  We have had so much fun and I can really see the learning taking place.  For example, both of the students have a love for cats.  One likes to draw them and the other has a fondness for all animals (although she did just get a kitten over this past weekend).

My biggest concern going into summer was how to engage them in something fun, yet productive and meaningful.  I honestly don't recall how I stumbled upon this idea, but I decided we would write a play.  Both of my students have been very excited about this and my para's have been too.  We are all getting into it and having so much fun.  I gave the students the task of telling me how many characters were in the play.  Where it would take place and what happens.  They also had to create the title of the play, the names of the characters, and design their costumes.  They think we are just having a fun summer, but they have learned so much already.

Both of these students really struggle with reading.  They see the first part of the word, maybe the first letter or two, and they will guess what the rest of the word should be.  For example  if we do sight word 'hand' they would read this as 'had, have, or even  hay'.  But with this play, they are both sounding out words.  They are really trying.  Now I will say neither one of them have lines to memorize.  We will be having a narrator tell the story, but both of them can recite the storyline to me without fail.

We cooked papier mache (math) and brought in art techniques during our costume designing.  Next week we will be writing out our invitations, and the last week of summer school we will be making refreshments to serve to our audience.

I must say I am super dooper excited over this and hope it all goes well.  It is a very short play, maybe 2 minutes long, but they have ownership over this and have created this whole thing.  It is so nice to see students learning (and to know I haven't completely lost my teaching touch).

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I am learning how to do this.  But the bad news is I am completely computer ignorant.  Share this blog with your friends and any suggestions (with easy tips) that I need to make to the blog please let me know.  Thanks!